David Trauger, Owner of Home Works and Dave's Painting

I started homeworks home improvements in 1996 and offered a broad spectrum of work from building homes and additions to remodeling basements and other work associated with the home improvment trade.

In 2008 I started Dave’s Painting Services and over the past several years have eventually refocused the business to the paint, stain, and tile installation services while focusing less on home improvement work.

While I’ll continue to offer all my home improvement skills my marketing focus is changing now in 2016 to offer more services related to paint, stain and tile installation.

My customers, I believe, find it very convenient to find a guy they can trust to get the job done correctly and accurately without having to hire multiple people.

I was mentored by a retired architect who did things the old fashioned way. Most of these habits I’ve been able to retain while making adaptations to progress within the industry.
I use quality products and don’t shop price.

I pride myself on doing things the right way or not at all.

A good friend of mine said “David, if you ever get caught up you’ll know something’s wrong”. Well, I’ve been busy for a long time.

Take a look at my pictures. You’ll like what you see.


When I first met with Rose to begin building this site I explained to her that I wanted to have a section of my website devoted to my personal interests.

Equally important to displaying my business and capabilities was involving my customer in what kind of person I am. Building a business for the long term means building individual relationships with my customers.

Not every one will be interested in this section of my website. To those that are please enjoy. My goal in life is to learn as much as possible about all things while I’m here.

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